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Once upon a time, a successful businessman was driving through a suburb.

He was racing in his brand new Porsche and he only slowed down when he thought somebody could dart out from the pavement.

Nobody came out, yet, a stone suddenly crashed into his car side door.

The businessman startled.

He braked and backed to the spot where the stone had been hurled from. 

The enraged driver jumped out of the car, grabbed a young guy, and pushed him against the wall cursing to him:

“What the hell have you done? Look at my brand new car! You have ruined it! It’s going to cost an awful lot to repair it. Why did you do that”?

“Sorry, Sir, I didn’t know what else to do!”, the young guy replied in a scared way.

Then, he went on pleading with the angry driver: “I had to throw the stone, otherwise no one would have stopped”.

He pointed out a dark corner to the businessman and said: “Look, it’s my brother, he has been stabbed. He is bleeding heavily and if we don’t take him to the hospital he will die”.

The businessman was stunned, he turned into a compassionate mood.

He didn’t think twice, he tore his jacket and dabbed the wound, before lifting the boy and placing him in his car back seat.

The driver raced faster than ever and they got to the hospital just in time.

The guy was saved thanks to the driver.

The driver decided not to repair the dented door.

He wanted to use the dent as a reminder: “Don’t rush through life till it throws a stone at you to draw your attention”.


How often do you rush in your daily life neglecting the people you care about the most?

It’s quite common in our society to always be in a rush, to run the rat race, have little time left, and also take our job and its stress home.

That’s the rub, this is going to have a negative impact on the harmony within yourself and your household.

Every day marriages end, relationships between parents and children deteriorate because of lack of communication.

The relationship is the communication bridge between people”. - Alfred Kadushin

Don’t fall into the rat race trap, where you just live to work; take the time to nurture the relationships you care about.

Don’t wait for life circumstances to throw a stone at you before you slow down and start spreading your love and compassion to your family, to the people that are part of your life. 

Slow down today, take a step back to become aware of how haste affects your entire life.

Is it worth carrying on being in a rush? 

Your life is worth much more than the “race” you have been running.

Slow down, look around yourself, and be grateful for the chance you always have to positively affect someone else’s life.

"In life, you get what you put in. When you make a positive impact on someone else’s life, you also make a positive impact on your own life". - Unknown

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