stake with indications pointing both towards crisis and opportunity


As I wrote in my previous article, it is up to you the way you respond to a certain event that is beyond your control.

What makes a big difference is the meaning YOU assign to a specific situation.

Considering a certain event white or black is always a choice and YOU are responsible for it.

How have you been looking at Covid-19?

Do you consider it the worst ever crisis, or on the contrary, an opportunity to change, find your way, and improve your life?

As I mentioned in my story, I regard this pandemic as my WAKE-UP call.

In the beginning, I was really worried about it.

My first concern was the possibility of losing my job.

I was afraid to find myself without an income overnight, and about all the consequences that it implies.

This outbreak has fully changed our lives, both in terms of social interactions and in terms of working patterns.

People are keener and keener to avoid in-person meetings.

It still surprises me the extent to which the daily news has been building so much fear and distrust among human beings.

I guess you have already noticed how most of the people in the street change their way to avoid coming close to you as if you were plagued.

Any time it happens to me, I feel as if I was losing contact with mankind.

I can feel this gap between people widening day in and day out.

I can feel the increase in the lack of confidence towards other people.

I believe this has already affected our social life a lot, not only in our free and personal time but also in the working place.

Unfortunately, the current situation has also caused an increase in mental health problems.

In the beginning, I also suffered from anxiety and I felt overwhelmed.

Then I realized that I was falling into a vicious circle of negative thoughts.

I was continuously bombarded by the “distressing” news.

I was always listening to it and this habit made me feel lost, at the mercy of the external “dark” scenarios.

Once I became aware that my mood was affected by what I was focusing my attention on.

I stopped watching the tv news and listening to the latest Covid-19 reports.

Since I stopped spending my time getting updated about what was going on in the world.

And since I started focusing on how I could make the most out of this unprecedented situation my life has improved a lot.

I started looking for ways to benefit from what I used to consider a nightmare.

What I found and what made me feel astonished was seeing the number of people that as of July 2020 had logged onto the internet.

Back then, there were 4.57 billion active internet users.

Over the next ten years, this number is estimated to rise to more than 7 billion.

I came across also an interesting statistic, which shows how strongly Covid-19 has impacted online shopping.

Since the outbreak of this pandemic, online purchases have been rocketing.

Never before have people spent so much time connected to the net and bought so many products and services online.

Needless to say, this virus has brought about uncertainty for the future of traditional jobs.

More and more people have seen themselves being made redundant overnight.

There has already been an increase in automation and the number of workers displaced.

Covid-19 has also been impactful on the educational systems worldwide.

Schools and Universities have been obliged to close and we have witnessed a completely NEW way of teaching.

Most Universities and Schools are using digital platforms to deliver their services.

According to a research report by Global Market Insights, the E-learning Market rose to over USD 200 billion in 2019.

And is expected to grow at over 8% CAGR between 2000 and 2026.

Also, many businesses have moved online to avoid going bankrupt.

The digital revolution that had already started before this unexpected pandemic was speeded up.

We have been catapulted all of a sudden into the digital era.

Bearing all this in mind I came to the following conclusion:

diving into the online business world and learning the digital skills required to succeed in the digital economy is essential to be able to cross all barriers and connect to the entire planet.

The question came spontaneously to me:

why not ride the wave of the digital economy?

I decided to follow Darwin’s belief:

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change”. - Charles Darwin

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  1. Alejandro Guidotti

    Very interesting article and content. It is true that covid-19 can be seen as an opportunity for many people.
    Thank you for writing!

  2. Covid 19 really affect and transform our Life . The change is évident and like any change There are opportunites to consider depending on how we look at things . The digital world in not New but this crises just reveal his use that was still unknown for Many and Also extended his action in all the aspects of our Life.

  3. Great article Christian. I would ask you to kindly write something on coping with the psycological stress due to Covid 19 too.

  4. It is by responding to Covid not only as something we all need to understand, it is by seeing it also as a time when we relearn reaching out and helping others learn to cope

  5. I like your clever positive attitude to what is happening and how you’re coping with it. I’ve heard people talking of this as a “suspended time”, as if our present is not “our” time. They can’t wait for a back-to-the-past future, which is nonsense to me. That’s why, thank you, Christian, for writing this!

    1. Thank you Christian for writing an article so full of precious insights!
      I completely agree with you and with Sofia: our totally negative attitude to the present moment is insane!
      Let us try to be a bit more creative!

  6. Thanks Christian for sharing, I’m completely agree with the point that excess of news Is just making you feel stressed and hopeless. Also that we need to adapt ourselves to the actúa situation and move forward to new reality. The transition to de digital economy already started years ago, Covid-19 just accelerate the process. It’s time to reinvent ourselves and get out of our confort zone to be able to prepare ourselves to the digital economy.

  7. Great articles, Chris, as to me, (quite old) a part from this horrible Covid and depression and recession etc. I always tried to cope with many troubles also in the past. So I’m practising every day, trying to get the best and be content of what I can obtain. So no desperation ! Thank you dear – write more lidia

  8. Really liked your perspective on what’s going on with the world. Sometimes I just see what’s happening around me and I feel it’s surreal but at the same time I believe it’s been an opportunity to value the important things in life.

  9. Wow It’s great article Christian. It’s true Covid 19 affect and transformer our life. Thanks for sharing. I really happy to read you are article.🙂

  10. Mikolaj Walczak

    Yes, anxiety can push you into the grave. Going digital will not solve all your life problems but it can certainly solve many 🙂

    Thank you for your thoughts!

    1. I agree with you Mikolaj; starting an online business is not going to solve everything in your life, but as I mentioned in the post we can look at the Pandemic either as a Crisis or as an Opportunity.
      I personally chose to look at it as the opportunity to learn digital and marketing skills to adapt to the world we are living in right now, i.e. a digital one.

      It is undeniable that more and more people do not only spend time online for entertainment but they are purchasing more and more products and services online.

      So, if we can learn how to position ourselves and provide products, services by using the net we can help an awful lot of people solve their problems, meet their needs, while we get a profit.

      It all boils down to learn new skills that can serve you in the future, no matter what path you are going to choose.

  11. Christine Panayi

    A very real and inspiring post…
    I love that you shared your own story and own struggles with family beliefs and conditioning and you have helped me a lot with this and are of great support ,even when we have had our zoom meeting.

    Covid definitely changed a lot of things and yes I struggled with lockdown and not being able to do what I loved.
    However there were blessings , lessons that came with it too. I didn’t see it at the time but now I see that it was an opportunity for growth and self discovery.
    I wish I had known you sooner, I think some things maybe could have been avoided if I had known you back then.
    You are of great help and inspiration.

    Christine Panayi

    1. I love what you shared Christine! Despite Covid changed many things and you struggled with lockdown, you are aware we can look at it from an empowering point of view. We can look at this unprecedented event as an opportunity to learn new skills, to discover a new path of living.
      An opportunity for growth and self-discovery as you said.
      Top! Keep becoming a tiny better every single day Chris 😉

  12. Interesting read Christian. Yes the pandemic has caused alot of problems but it has also created new opportunities!

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