Is someone at work ruining your days? Are you coming back home drained due to the toxic atmosphere in your workplace? Are you thinking of changing your job to stop having to deal with some co-workers? If so, you may reconsider it after reading the enlightening story below. It gives you an insight into how you can handle difficult people at work. As a result, you’ll be able to transform a negative and unproductive day into a positive and productive one. 

Before reading the story, let’s consider the following points.

Whatever job or career you start, you will always find people who are good-for-nothing but to ruin your day.

You will find some bossy people, some “gossip spreaders”, some complainers, or ​​judgemental people trying to undermine you.

In a nutshell, there will always be someone who can make your work environment toxic, no matter what job you start.

So, there’s no point in changing jobs, unless you are no longer satisfied with what you do.

If this is the case, the change would be an obligation you owe to yourself, otherwise, you end up hating your life, not only the way you make money.  

Instead, if you like what you are doing but there is someone you work with who bothers you, you’d better think twice before changing your job.

As a matter of fact, by changing your job you may end up with a new job you don’t like and with NEW difficult people to deal with.  

So, it’s not about running away from difficult people, but about learning how to cope with them instead.

Here is the story that is going to make you think differently so that you can stop allowing colleagues to ruin your day.



Rob, a salesman for a Big Corporation went to his HR officer to give his notice.

“Enough is enough. I want to leave!”, Rob said.

The bewildered HR officer asked Rob why he was so annoyed and why he wanted to leave the company.

“The atmosphere is too toxic! Some colleagues talk negatively all the time, and some spend most of their day gossiping and criticizing rather than working.

I cannot handle this any longer”. sad Rob said. 

The HR officer understood Rob’s point and was willing to proceed with Rob’s decision.

“Before ending your job, Rob, you should do one more thing”, the HR officer said.

“For sure”, Rob replied.

“I’d like you to take a glass of water filled to the brim and walk around the office area without spilling a single drop of water on the floor. Then, come to me and I’ll sign your notice so you can leave”, the HR officer said.

Although the request sounded weird, Rob did what the HR officer asked.

He walked around the office area paying attention not to drip any drop of water on the floor.

Then Rob came to the HR officer who asked him, “Did you see or hear any employees gossiping or criticizing one another when you were walking around the office”?

“No, I didn’t!”, Rob replied.

“Do you know WHY?”, the HR officer asked.

He then went on, “You didn’t notice anything because you were focused on the glass to make sure you didn’t spill any water”.


Changing our job doesn't ensure freedom from difficult people, from a toxic work environment.

On the contrary, a switch of focus can do wonders!

The employee in the story, Rob, focuses on the glass of water; so should we.

By focusing on our priorities, tasks, or goals we will stop noticing the criticism, complaints, and gossip typical of the work environment.

The negativity and all the drama around us will fade away to make room for positivity and productivity.

So, don’t bother to start a new job hoping not to have to deal with difficult people. Shift your focus instead!

If your co-workers are difficult people to deal with, stop paying too much attention to them.

Focus on the “glass of water” instead! 

“Where focus goes, energy flows”. - Tony Robbins

To summarise, if you are having a difficult time at work due to the people you are interacting with, this can be the case you are focusing more on them than on the good stuff.

The more you focus on your priorities instead - on the things you HAVE control over, the less time and energy you will squander on toxic co-workers.

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