Karma: The Law Of Cause And Effect


Karma is a universal law, a law also known as “the law of cause and effect".

According to this law, each cause corresponds to an effect, and each action generates a result.

Positive thoughts, words, and actions create positive effects and lead to happiness.

Conversely, negative thoughts, words, and actions create negative effects and lead to unhappiness.

So, Karma can be positive or negative. 

“Karma is the universal law of cause and effect. You reap what you sow. You get what you earn. You are what you eat. If you give love, you get love. Revenge returns itself upon the avenger”. - Mary Browne


According to ancient spiritual traditions such as Hinduism or Buddhism, Karma influences and - ultimately - determines the life of human beings.

Karma is therefore closely related to the term "interdependence".

Nothing exists independently, everything that exists relates to everything else.

Each action we take, decision we make, and word we say does not end in itself.

What we do has the same effect as a stone thrown into the water, it creates circles propagating in all directions.

In other words, it is like an echo that spreads through the valley and has a domino effect.

What do I mean? 

Let’s say that I say something to someone.

What I say to this person will influence a subsequent action on the part of that person and this action, in turn, will influence multiple other actions. 

This is interdependence!

“Our lives are not our own. We are bound to others, past and present. And by each crime and every kindness, we birth our future”. - From The Movie Cloud Atlas

Remember: any action we take, even the most trivial, will have results and consequences, not only on us, but on our fellow human beings too.

We are the result of all the choices we have made, the actions we have taken, the words we have said, always interacting with the world around us.


If we believe there is a link between cause and effect underlying everything, we must agree that the present is a result of the past.

If we recognize the causes that made us what we are now, we have the opportunity to make more conscious choices for a better future.

As we have been given freedom of choice, we can shape our lives the way we want. 

Hence, if you don’t like who you are, then, change your karma; change your choices and actions.

If you want to start peaking new fruits you have to start planting new seeds.

Right now you are planting the seeds of what will be.

Therefore, your future is not a product of destiny.

It does not depend on an external, supernatural force, but on the choices you make and the actions you take day in day out.

“Life was not designed to give us what we need, life was designed to give us what we deserve”. - Jim Rohn


It is not really easy to believe in Karma, i.e. that we are responsible for our lives.

It is something that sounds strange to us, as we are used to invoking external aid or blaming external circumstances. 

But believing in Karma is very important because it teaches us we can be the makers of our lives. 

“Karma means you are the maker of your life”. - Sadhguru

I really appreciate you reading my post. 

If you found it helpful, I invite you to share it.

In doing so you will inspire others and furthermore give them the opportunity to start making small changes that in time can result in extraordinary outcomes.

“Small changes can produce big results – but the areas of highest leverage are often the least obvious”. - Peter Senge

Before you go, make a note; in my next post, I will discuss Karma in further detail illustrating its 12 laws.

So, you’ll find out how the 12 LAWS OF KARMA can become your roadmap to your best self.

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  1. “If you want to start peaking new fruits you have to start planting new seeds.”- excellent post. Awareness about how our actions influence not only our future life but the life of others it’s very important. Everything we do comes back to us, sooner or later, in this life or beyond!

    1. We should always remind ourselves that our actions not only influence our lives but also have an impact on other people’s lives. Awareness is the key as you highlighted, Pedro.

      Anything which you do to someone comes back to you. That is one of karma’s principles.

      Let’s make sure to create positive karma, Pedro😉😃💪🏻

  2. Mikolaj Walczak

    You are the sum of your choices and experiences which include circumstances. While your choices make you you, you only have access to some of them. You can choose to go to work by bike or by car. If you lived in the 14th century you could not make any of these choices. Therefore circumstances are just as important.

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