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If you are like most people, you regard obstacles as something that hurts you and stops you from reaching the next level in your life.

Running away from obstacles and challenges is the most suitable solution then, isn’t it?

It’s not!

All challenges and obstacles we face in life represent the vehicle through which we can evolve.

By accepting them as a natural part of our existence we become ready to face them in order to thrive.

Sometimes in life, we must give up something we love - being comfortable - to become someone we are going to love.

Anytime we face and overcome a challenge we have the opportunity to strengthen ourselves and show others how they can do the same.

Out there now there are thousands of people, or even more, that are trying to overcome what we have already overcome.

So, we can become role models for them!

It’s our responsibility to show everyone else what opportunities are hidden within any obstacles.

The following story highlights how the obstacles that occur in our lives are nothing more than opportunities to improve them.


shepherd with sheep and purse full of gold coins

Once upon a time, a king commanded his men to place a large boulder in the middle of the road to obstruct the path.

Then the king hid behind a tree to see if any of his subjects would attempt to clear the path from the big rock.

The king was criticized for not doing anything to get rid of the boulder by all the inhabitants of the kingdom, but they didn’t do anything either.

One day a shepherd with a herd of sheep came from a faraway village to try to sell the dear sheep he had grown fond of at the market.

Although he loved his sheep, he needed to sell them to raise money and face the winter. 

When the man saw the big boulder, instead of walking around carelessly like everyone else, he tried to move the rock out of the way.

It took a lot of time and effort, but in the end, the shepherd succeeded and the path was no longer obstructed.

To his surprise, he found a bag where the rock had been.

When the man opened it he was amazed; the purse was full of gold coins.

The bag contained also a note signed by the king stating: “This purse belongs to the person who has removed the rock from the path”.

The shepherd couldn’t believe his eyes, he looked like a child on Christmas day when opening his presents.

Not only did he now have more than he needed to cope with the upcoming winter, but he also could go back to his village with his beloved sheep. 


This story brings with it some wise teaching; when we want to avoid obstacles we miss out on opportunities that in the first place are not revealed.

It is up to us to tackle challenges in life to have the opportunity to forge ourselves, and grow obstacle after obstacle.

“The obstacle in the path becomes the path. Never forget, within every obstacle is an opportunity to improve our condition”. -  Ryan Holiday

Everyone faces obstacles in life, some are visible, some are less visible.

Maybe the color of your skin, your social status, the clothes you wear, your religion, your dreams...are the obstacles you have to face since people criticize you because of them.

Prove them wrong!

Whenever someone or the tiny little voice within your mind tells you: ”You can’t overcome obstacles”, whatever they might be, prove them wrong!

Don’t run away from challenges.

At first, it might seem the best possible choice to make, but in the long term it doesn’t pay off.

I believe the Universe supports everyone who pushes themselves to overcome whatever obstacles come along their way.  

A big reward always awaits the people who are brave enough to fight.

We have always two choices, we can either dodge obstacles, like the inhabitants of the kingdom, or face them and be rewarded like the shepherd.

Now it’s up to you; what are you going to choose? avoid obstacles or face them?

I look forward to hearing what challenges and obstacles you are dealing with, what strategies you are putting into place, and - foremost - what rewards you will get.

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