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I don’t know if you believe in God, the Universe, or whatever, but I believe that a force bigger than us continuously sends us signals showing what we should do in order to improve our circumstances.

This force makes available for us the tools, the resources, the people...we need in order to succeed in life.

Having said that, it's not so obvious and easy to recognize those signals that God, the Universe, Life throw to us day in, day out.

You might experience bankruptcy before you can learn the money lesson to create a life of financial security; you might go through a disease before you completely change your habits; you might have to be sacked from the job you hate before you find one you can be passionate about, or even start your own business.

You might end a relationship that has lasted long before you can find the right partner and feel happy; you might need to move abroad before experiencing a life change.

I believe there is no coincidence in life, we shape our destiny through the daily decisions we make.

Life happens for us and not to us!

If you spot a sign, an opportunity, don't think twice, crack on and grab that chance to change your circumstances for the better.

Even if you miss one sign, another will show up to you, but it might take months or even years, who knows, so, why waste time?

We MUST aim to live a fulfilling existence, and if we are not satisfied with who we are, it’s our responsibility to fight to become a better version of ourselves by paying attention to those signs that show us the path to a meaningful life.

We MUST stop being held back by any sort of fear and we MUST instead be afraid of staying where we are if we feel miserable. 

Too often we don’t take action because of self-sabotage, hoping that the distressing situations we are coping with will improve with no active role on our part.

But this is ridiculous, when we are presented with a signal for an opportunity, it’s up to us to make the most out of it, and eventually change our life. 

Bear in mind that signals are not always crystal clear, and do not necessarily look like you expect them to.

Let me try to clarify what I stated above by means of the following story.


elderly woman is praying
elderly woman praying

An elderly woman lived in a tiny village at the bottom of a valley.

One day a heavy downpour began, and the valley started flooding.

All the inhabitants started evacuating the village apart from the woman, who was deeply devoted to God.

She prayed to God: “My God, come and save your daughter”.

A young guy, knowing the elderly lady lived alone, reached out to her and offered to take her to the highest point of the valley where everybody else had gathered because soon the village was going to sink.

The old woman firmly replied: “I have faith in God, and I know he will save me, I will not move from my home”.

And she kept praying to God: “My God, come and save your daughter”.

The water level started to rise and the woman went to the first floor since the basement was completely underwater.

Soon, a group of people in a boat passed by and told the woman: “jump onto the boat and you will be safe”.

The old woman refused help once more, “I believe in God and he will save me” she shouted.

And she carried on praying to God: “My God, come and save your daughter”.

Before long the first floor was flooded, and the old woman was forced to climb to the roof.

She was praying to God to save her when a helicopter showed up.

A rope ladder was lowered but the woman refused to climb it.

The entire village was flooded and the old woman drowned.

When she was in the Lord’s presence she asked: “Father, why did you not come to save me”?

After pausing for a while God replied: “dear daughter, I came to you three times to save you, but you always rejected my help”.

The first time I came on foot, the second in a boat, and the third time on a helicopter.

You were expecting me to personally save you and, in so doing, you missed the opportunity to be saved”.


Sometimes we behave like the elderly woman in the story; we wait for something and miss the opportunities that come our way because they look different from what we expect.

Pay attention to signs and make the most of the opportunities you are offered.

Be bold, listen to your heart, and create your unique story.

“Don’t lose time in conflict; lose no time in doubt – time can never be recovered and if you miss an opportunity it may take many lives before another one comes your way again”. - Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh

Remember also that each of us can be a sign for someone else.

I hope I can be a sign for you, and inspire you to take the reins of your life and make a masterpiece out of it. 

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