miner giving up on digging when he is close to diamonds


The journey towards our goal is like standing at the bottom of a mountain, from where the top seems impossible to reach.

We have two choices, either listen to the tiny little voice that tells us how unlikely we are to hit our target, or ignore it and take the first step.

However, taking the first step is not enough!

We have to take another step, and then another till we can admire from the top of the mountain where we used to be. 

When we start heading for our destination we must have a strong reason, a strong WHY for which we must achieve our goal.

This allows us to become unstoppable, no matter what is going to come in our way during the journey, no matter how big the mountain might be; when we have a reason nothing can prevent us from completing the journey.

Our WHY is the force that drives us to work harder than ever, it is the force that turns a dream into reality.

When we have a reason to succeed we would rather die than give up and lose!

We become relentless, we are ready to walk a path we have never walked and do things we have never done before.

Whatever fear used to hold us back is no longer stopping us.

We want what we are pursuing so badly that we have only one option, i.e. SUCCEED.

When we have such a burning desire, when we starve for SUCCESS - whatever success means to you - we will become successful.

When life circumstances knock us down our WHY is what allows us to stand up and carry on the battle.

The journey towards our destination is a real battle full of pitfalls and obstacles; the biggest one is our mindset.

If we don’t work on it on a daily basis, the tiny voice within our mind is likely to prevail over us and lead us to our ultimate failure, i.e. GIVING UP ON OUR GOAL.

We only fail when we stop moving towards our destination.

Our dreams only die when we give up.

It doesn’t matter if we take one month, one year, or even 10 years to achieve our goal; and it doesn’t even matter what we are going to get once we hit our target, what really matters is the person that we are going to be thanks to all the hassle we managed to overcome.

What matters is the positive impact that we can have on others, the possibility to inspire other people to improve their circumstances. 

The obstacles in the path become the path itself!

The more challenges we tackle, the more we strengthen our mindset and the more it will serve us in the next journey will embark on.

I believe that everyone has tremendous power within themselves, but unfortunately, most people choose a mediocre existence, try to run away from challenges, and in doing so they cannot express their full potential.

We don’t grow when everything goes smoothly, we only grow when we face obstacles.

Muscles grow when they are under pressure; likewise, personal development takes place whenever we get uncomfortable. 

“Remember diamonds are created under pressure, so hold on, it will be your time to shine soon”. - Sope Agbelusi

When you think you have hit rock bottom and you feel like giving up, just don’t do it!

It’s that simple, no matter how hard life can hit you, you must become harder than it.

And when you make a covenant with yourself that you are going to cut the finish line at all costs you will eventually succeed.

If you feel like surrendering, let the following story inspire you.


skinny frog and fat frog

Once upon a time two frogs, one skinny and the other one fat, were jumping close to a farm.

They were hungry and suddenly they smelt a nice scent coming from a bucket, it was too high to see what delicious thing it might contain.

Since they were starving, the two frogs decided to take a leap and see what food was inside the pail.

To their surprise, the bucket was filled up with milk.

What’s worse they couldn't get out of the pail as the edge was too slippery. 

They needed to swim to avoid drowning.

After one hour spent trying to get out, the fat frog said to its friend: “Carrying on with this effort doesn’t make sense and nobody will come to rescue us, nor will we turn into birds and fly away. We are doomed to drown”.

The other frog promptly replied: “Keep swimming, my dear friend, someone will come and we will be saved, unless we give up now we will survive”.

The fat frog was reassured by its friend and decided to keep fighting.

Hours went by and nothing changed.

The fat frog addressed its friend again: “I am knackered, and it is useless to fight a battle that we cannot win, we are making all this effort for nothing, we are going to die anyway, so why should we keep swimming, I’ll give up”.

The fat frog stopped swimming, it gave up and drowned.

The skinny one was heartbroken but it couldn’t afford to quit, it had a family that was waiting for it.

The frog started swimming even stronger and faster than it had done till then.

When it was getting dark the frog suddenly noticed that the milk had turned into butter.

It had happened because the frog had been swimming for so long.

Thanks to its unstoppable attitude the frog managed to jump out of the bucket and go back to its family.


Giving up is a choice and is always up to us, we either give up or we don’t.

Every time you are about to quit, remind yourself that:

-you only have one shot in life,

-life is fleeting,

-you have a strong WHY,

-the sun always shines after the storm.

And ask yourself: “What would my life be like if I gave up”?

“How many negative outcomes will I experience in the long run”?

Giving up is the ultimate failure, you cannot walk back from it, so never ever give up!

The greatest victory in life does not occur when you don’t fail, the greatest victory takes place every time you stand up from a fall, every time you resume moving forward.

Hard times never last forever unless you give up.

Remember: PAIN is temporary, while REGRET lasts a lifetime.

PAIN is what your future self depends on.

If you never go through hell, you will never climb and see heaven.

I cannot stress it enough, achieving your goal is that simple, keep going, never give up and you will get to your destination.

Work as hard as you can now to get your rewards later.

There is no shortcut to success, you cannot be successful without walking the hard path.

I want to ask you:

What’s going to be your choice?

Are you going to turn what looks IMPOSSIBLE now into something POSSIBLE later in the same way the skinny frog turned the milk into butter or are you going to let your dream die in the same way the fat frog did?

NEVER give up!

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