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If you are like most people you probably set your alarm clock in the morning, don’t you?

My question to you is:

“What do you do when the alarm goes OFF”?

In my circle of friends, each of us behaves differently.

There is Michele, who - no matter how long and how loud the alarm rings - keeps slumbering undisturbed, and won’t wake up unless he’s given a jerk.

I call him: “the SLEEPER

There is Chiara, who hits the snooze button when the alarm rings and thinks to herself:

“I’ll sleep a little bit longer”.

When the alarm goes OFF for the second time, she hits the snooze button again and carries on sleeping for another five minutes.

Eventually, she drags herself out of bed after hitting the snooze button a few more times.

I call her: “the SNOOZER

There is Angela, who wakes up as soon as the alarm goes OFF, but lingers in bed, feeling disoriented and lost.

She asks herself:

“Who am I? What’s my purpose in life? What drives me?”. 

Feeling frustrated with the answers, she falls asleep again.

I call her: “the FALLER

There is Noah, who wakes up with a smile on his face when the alarm goes OFF and gets out of bed ready to seize the day and keep moving forward, conquering another day, pursuing his goals.

I call him: “the WAKER

I’ve become a “WAKER” myself, I set smart goals in life, I have a vision, I’m driven by a purpose and I work on myself day in and day out.

I’ve stopped listening to the tiny little voice in my head that tells me to play safe, to stay in my comfort zone.

I force myself every day to silence the tiny little voice that too often throughout the day pops up saying:

“Do not do that, Christian! Why should you do that, you are so comfortable where you are”?

I’ve learned the hard way that when I stay within my comfort zone nothing happens.

I don’t grow, and what’s worse, I run the risk of settling down and giving up my goals.

The more you ignore the tiny little voice, the more it loses strength over you.

“Make sure your worst enemy is not living between your own two ears...”. - Nitya Prakash 

Having said that, there was a time when I was a “SLEEPER”.

As a matter of fact, I was living an unfulfilling and miserable life.

I was just surviving through the days, I was held back from taking action by too many irrational fears and I kept being in a state of slumber and ignorance for years.

I was completely ignoring my emotions and how bad I felt.

I remember thinking to myself: “That’s life, it’s just the way it is”.

I didn’t bother to make a change and take action till I hit rock bottom and life tugged at me, making me realize that I was squandering my life. 

Only at that point did I decide to get out of my comfort zone, but I didn’t follow through immediately.

I became a “SNOOZER”, I knew I had to make a change, and start doing things differently.

Yet, I used to fool myself by saying: “It’s not the right time; I’ll do it tomorrow!”.

I used to hit the snooze button and keep putting off what I knew I had to do.

Eventually, I became a “FALLER”, I woke up, started making changes, and pursuing my goals, but at the first obstacles, I used to give up, and go back to the old, lethargic, and disempowering way of living.

I am happy I have gone through all these stages because all of them are part of an AWAKENING PROCESS and have enabled me to become a WAKER and reach a fulfilling state of being.

What stage are you at now: Are you a “SLEEPER”, a “SNOOZER”, a “FALLER”, or a “WAKER”?

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  1. Christine Panayi

    I have been a sleeper, a snoozer and I’m pleased to say I’m a waker, I have the odd time off hit the snooze button but usually when this happens I have burnt myself out or going through something.
    I’m definitely learning to live a life true to me , but I know this is just the beginning….thank you Christian

    1. Awesome Christine!!! Thanks for sharing it!

      Like me and many other people out there you have also gone through all the stages, i.e. being a SLEEPER, being a SNOOZER, being a FALLER, and being an AWAKER. The progress and the journey of personal awakening and development are what really matter!

      You have walked already such a long path Christine, congratulations!! Now, keep moving forward 🔥💪🏻

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