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The Universe speaks to us constantly. We keep receiving signals from the Universe. Yet, we often misinterpret them. The Universe communicates with us through different channels. A sentence read in a book, a message written on a billboard, a chat with a stranger - these can all be examples of how the Universe gets in touch with us. However, it doesn’t really matter the channel through which it reaches us, what matters is how we interpret the message.

In fact, depending on our interpretation, we will make choices and take action that will allow us to either create the life we have always wanted or not.

As Paulo Coelho has written in The Alchemist:

“In order to find the treasure, you will have to follow the omens. God has prepared a path for everyone to follow. You just have to read the omens that he left for you”.




Ancient peoples knew and understood the language of signs, presages, and omens.

Often the fate of a tribe, a city, or even a nation, was decided by the interpretation of a sign.

However, after the Age of Enlightenment, the rise of scientific materialism and new technologies - besides the hectic pace of our lives - increasingly isolated humans from connecting to wisdom and the spiritual world.

We have lost the ability to "read" the signs that are sent to us, the secret messages that come to us every moment in great quantity.

The ones which allow us to make or break our lives.


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Clearly, we cannot perceive the Universe in a hectic, repetitive life in which we cannot devote even an hour a day to introspection.

That's why it's so essential for each of us to always carve out some time just for ourselves.

If you don't get away from the noise and immerse yourself a bit in silence, how can you ever be able to listen to what's inside you?

How can you be able to reconnect with your true self, with your fears, desires, limiting beliefs, and your deepest self?

Ultimately, how can you ever spot and interpret the signals the Universe sends us?

It is the constant work we do on ourselves that gives us the right tools that enable us to recognize situations, people, and opportunities along our journey.

Signals from the Universe can often be deviant or even contradictory.

We may, for example, have to go through a difficult period financially before we understand the real lesson that will give us the decisive economic breakthrough we desire.

Or we may go through a lonely time or a painful breakup of a relationship before we meet our soul mate.

We may have to suffer an unexpected layoff before realizing that our dream job was just around the corner.

Sometimes some events in our lives resemble a sky full of clouds, gray and confusing but it all takes a little more attention and awareness to begin to see the silver lining and other options available for us.

Let me get my point clearer with the following enlightening story.


wolf and lion

Once upon a time, there was a very lazy man in a village; he would keep trying to get food without doing any hard work.

One morning, while wandering around the countryside, he decided to steal some apples to eat.

As soon as he tried to pick an apple a farmer saw him and started coming at him.

The lazy man got scared and ran into the forest nearby to hide.

While walking through the forest, he saw an old wolf with only two legs.

The man wondered how that wolf was surviving with only two legs; the wolf could not run or feed himself and there were threats from other animals.

However, the wolf was happily crawling around.

Suddenly, the man saw a lion coming towards the wolf with a piece of meat in its mouth.

Immediately the man climbed up the tree to save himself, but the wolf kept still because he could not run away.

The man was flabbergasted when he saw the lion leaving the piece of meat for the wolf.

He started to think that the Universe always has a plan set to take care of its creations.

Then he believed that the Universe must have something planned for him too.

So he left to find a place to sit and wait for someone to feed him.

He waited and waited and waited; two days went by but nobody came to give him food, so he left.

Then, on his way home, the man bumped into an old sage to whom he asked,

“The Universe showed mercy to the crippled wolf, why didn't he show mercy to me”.

“It's true that the Universe has a plan for everyone; you are obviously a part of his plan. However, son, you took its signs in the wrong way. He didn't want you to be like the wolf; he wanted you to be like the lion”, the old sage answered.

Sometimes in life, we can misread signals from the Universe but don't despair, take a moment and contemplate your life so far.

Think about what signals from the Universe you have possibly misread in your life. 

I hope this story could shed a light on the more happy and more successful path that you can take in life from now on.


At first, trying to interpret the signals of the Universe will seem to you like learning a foreign language, and indeed it is.

You are learning the language of the Universe, which does not speak in words, does not say sentences but sends clear signals.

It is up to you to grasp and understand them piece by piece, so as to put together a jigsaw puzzle.

If you can broaden your perspective and also begin to speak that fascinating language made up of signs, and signals everything will become wonderfully clear and incredibly magical.

You’ll start sitting in the driver's seat of your life, taking full responsibility for it. You’ll start acting like a lion instead of a crippled wolf.  

The signs of the Universe surround us every day - we just have to sharpen our gaze to be able to recognize and grasp them at their best.

Look beyond appearance. Grasp the details that the Universe presents before you and try to find the meaning behind each so-called "coincidence".

You will make such intense discoveries that you will end up convincing yourself that coincidences do not exist.

By following the Universe signals, you will realize that nothing happens by chance and everything makes sense.

“I tell you this: There is no coincidence, and nothing happens “by accident”. - Neale Donald Walsch

You are the maker of your own life.

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