crow leaning on the back of an eagle


The Eagle, the king of the sky, is considered the most powerful and smart bird.

No other bird dares to take it on, except the Crow that mounts the Eagle (not in that way) and starts pecking, pecking, pecking at the back of the Eagle's neck. 

But does the Eagle stop flying and give in to the Crow?

Not at all! 

The Eagle flies higher.

The higher the Eagle flies, the harder it is for the Crow to breathe till - for lack of oxygen - it plummets to Earth.

The Eagle is now the only bird soaring high in the sky.


YOU are the Eagle!

You’ve got high ambitions, but you might bump into Crows, which try pecking away at your dreams.

On your way to achieving your goals, you will encounter naysayers who’ll tell you that what you are shooting for is silly, you will meet people who will try to bring you down, to stop you. 

Prove them wrong!

Don’t be distracted by them, just fly higher as the Eagle does and those noises will fade, in the same way as the annoying Crow “disappears”.

Keep moving forward, where only a few have the courage to push themselves, beyond their limits, beyond their comfort zone.

There, you will find other Eagles.

People who dare to conquer the sky, to be the creators of their destiny.

People that don’t give in to life, dreamers who want to make their dreams come true.

Be like an Eagle, be excited and willing to face challenges rather than fleeing from them.

Welcome them, run towards the challenges, it’s the only way you can grow.

Remember: storms are only temporary, and so are the challenges you face.

Storms prove how strong you are.

Eagles are not afraid of storms, eagles fly towards them and go through them.

They master the storm to lift them up so that they can fly above the storm and overcome it.

Be like an Eagle, use every storm that comes your way to strengthen your attitude, your mindset, and get to the next level.

Remember: keep focusing on your goals and on the journey towards getting there. Stop focusing on irrational fears, on what could go wrong.

When an Eagle sets its target, it focuses on that only without being distracted by anything till it conquers its prey; in the same way, you must have a laser focus attitude. 

You know what you want, so keep focusing and achieve your goals.

When challenges get in your way, be an Eagle and fly higher!

Life is a storm, my young friend. You will bask in the sunlight one moment, be shattered on the rocks the next. What makes you a man is what you do when that storm comes”. -Alexandre Dumas

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