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If you asked some financial advisors how to invest your hard-earned money, they would most likely tell you, “Invest in the Stock Market, in Real Estate, in Cryptocurrency” - and the list could go on. Yet, rarely would someone tell you, “Invest in yourself”, which is indeed the no. 1 investment successful people make.

What does investing in oneself mean?

Investing in yourself means acquiring a greater number of skills and knowledge, which, used correctly, will allow you to achieve the desired goal and a better future.

“The major key to your better future is you”. - Jim Rohn


the no. 1  investment that successful people make is the path leading to a better future

Investing in yourself is the best form of investment because you bet on your abilities, and intuitions, you look at yourself as the asset that can revolutionize your life.

If today you do not have what you want, it is simply because you have not yet become the person you need to be to achieve this goal.

This is where investing in yourself comes into play.

You need to upgrade your knowledge and skills to upgrade yourself, fill the gap, and achieve what you are aiming at.

If you wish to be wealthy, study wealth, if you wish to be healthy, study health; don’t leave it to chance.

Some people just go through days with their fingers crossed, but unless you change, nothing will change for you.

So, if you really want to improve your future, you need to be proactive and not passive.

You need to seek the knowledge that eventually will enable you to change your economic, social, spiritual, and personal life.

You see, nobody or nothing can ever take your knowledge away from your brain.

On the contrary, a downturn, a crisis, or even people can take money and possessions away from you.

Millionaires may lose everything, and then within a couple of years, they get it all back again.

Why? Simply because they have the necessary knowledge.

On the other hand, people who win lots of money at the lottery find themselves back at square one a few years later.

Why? Simply because they do not have the necessary knowledge.

You need to invest in yourself to acquire knowledge and new skills that will turn you into the person you need to be to achieve the life you want. 

“Success is something you attract by the person you become”. - Jim Rohn

Investing in yourself is a long-term investment that not only will enable you to create the life you want but will also impact the life of the people you love and of everybody else around you.


So, what I want you to think about is this:

What do you want to learn to become a better version of yourself and what do you want to get better at?

Do you want to learn about mindset to better manage your emotions and direct your actions as best as possible? Do you want to learn what workout is most effective for you to become stronger? Do you want to learn how to start an online business to catch up with where the world is moving to? Do you want to hone your communication skills to genuinely influence other people’s behavior? 

What can you do to become better and change your life for the better? 

Is there a book you can read, a conference you can attend, a course you can follow, or a mentor you can hire to find the answers you are looking for?

"Let other people treat the opportunity to transform your life casually, but not YOU. I would ask YOU to treat it seriously. Let other people wonder at the end of their lives where it all went wrong, but not YOU, let other people play while you work, fool around while you study soak up the sun while you soak up knowledge. Ten years from now they will still be trying to figure out how to pay the bills or wondering why their marriage isn't working out or why they don't seem to be getting ahead professionally, but not YOU. Life always rewards serious students for their labors". - Jim Rohn


budget concept

If you are like most people you probably spend a lot of money on phone subscriptions, streaming services - such as Netflix, and Disney Channel - and useless objects.

But, do you have a budget for your personal development?

Unfortunately, we tend to spend money on many things, but we don’t invest the money in the best asset we have, ourselves. 

Doesn’t it sound crazy to you?

We should have a budget to invest in our personal development.

How much?

It depends on your bank account, which can enable you to buy either a five-dollar book or a thousand-dollar seminar.

It is a MUST to make sure you have enough money to pay for your bills and to support yourself for three to six months.

After that, you can consider doubling down and investing in yourself.

So make sure you spend your time, money, and energy wisely.


exhausted man shirtless in a gym with towel around his neck

“When You Change The Way You Look At Things The Things You Look At Change”. - Wayne W. Dyer

It’s very common to think that when we invest in ourselves - whether it is through building a business, working out, fasting, learning new skills, or whatever else - we are making a sacrifice.

After all, there is no shortcut to achievements; we need to put in the money, the work, and the time.

However, if we think we are sacrificing the weekends, the time with friends and family, the food we love, or our favorite TV series, it just makes it harder to pursue our goals.

Let’s face it, if you think, “I am sacrificing everything, how does it make you feel”?

If you are anything like me, you feel you are doing everything for nothing.

The reason is you cannot see the payoff straight away.

But, if you think, “I am making an investment for my best future” - any time you miss a night out with friends, or a Tv series, or whatever you enjoy doing in order to study, to work out, or to hone your skills, how do you feel?

You feel much better, don’t you?

You see, you can either have an easy life today, but a harder one later, or a hard life today and an easier one in the future. You cannot have both. What are you going to choose?

An investment in yourself today is going to create a better life, more money, better relationships, a better body, and a better self later on.

So, all the sweat from your workout, and all the hours spent studying, and broadening your knowledge are not a sacrifice, but an investment instead.

Every time you skip fun to do something hard - in other words when you opt for delayed gratification rather than instant gratification - you are not SACRIFICING TODAY, but INVESTING IN TOMORROW.

So, from now on, how will you look at what you have to do to achieve your life goals, as a SACRIFICE or as an INVESTMENT for a better life? 

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