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I really believe that everyone has greatness within themselves, that anyone was born phenomenal, ready to make their life a masterpiece, ready to accomplish anything.

As human beings, we are innately predisposed to succeed!

The problem is that most of us decide to settle down, to be content with little.

Don’t get me wrong, I am a great believer that being grateful for the little thing that life offers us is pivotal in life to find happiness and fulfillment.

Though, this mustn’t be an excuse to not shoot to the stars.

When we get used to comfort we get in a loop where we forget about how powerful we are.

We end up thinking that success is outside of us, that is something that belongs only to a privileged group of people.

Nothing farther from the truth!

Nobody was born successful, every successful person has become who they are by making the most out of the gifts donated to them.

We all have those gifts at our disposal, but some choose to use them, while others don’t.

Just a few are willing to put in the energy, discipline themselves, and sacrifice in order to live up to their full potential.

Using our gifts to thrive and succeed and create a life worth living must be our driving force.

We shouldn’t just sleepwalk through the day and let life happen to us.

“Life doesn’t happen to you, it happens for you”. - Jim Carrey

We all have the power and gifts to make this life a wonderful adventure and we shouldn’t squander the only one we have.

We MUST remind ourselves that we are meant for greatness, for success as falcons are meant to fly.


a peregrin falcon is clinging on its branch

Once upon a time, a prince was given 2 wonderful peregrine falcons as a present.

He had never seen such magnificent creatures before.

The prince decided the best thing to do was to entrust them to a falcon savvy in order to train them to fly.

After a few months the expert reached out to the prince, he was astonished that only one of the two birds had flown, while the other one didn’t move at all from its perch.

The prince impatiently asked for healers and sorcerers from all over the kingdom to find a solution and make the falcon fly high in the sky.

All the attempts were vain.

Disappointed at not seeing any result the prince commanded his court men to bring to the palace someone who knew more about nature and animals.

They summoned a farmer!

On the same day, the prince was amazed to see the falcon soaring high above the palace.

He couldn’t believe his eyes, “what a miracle”, he thought.

The prince intrigued about this feat asked the humble farmer:

“What’s the secret? How did you manage to make the falcon fly”?

The farmer replied: “Your majesty, the only thing I did, was cutting the branch the falcon was clinging on”.


This story carries an important lesson, i.e. all of us were born to thrive, to succeed!

The falcon is not designed to hold on to a branch, but to soar high in the sky.

Likewise, all of us aren’t meant to live a mediocre life, but to live a fulfilling and exciting existence.

We have no boundaries, we have the power to achieve anything we want to accomplish, and the possibilities are endless.

But for most of us remaining stuck in what is familiar, stuck on our branch, prevents us from exploring what we are capable of, from flying high in the sky as the falcon did.

Let me ask YOU?

Which branch are you clinging on?

What’s holding you back from taking flight?

Till you rest on your laurels you will never reach a new level in your life, you will never grow.

Personal growth is what human beings need!

I cannot stress it enough, we were born to thrive not to surrender.

So, cut the branch of fear to which you are holding on, spread your wings and conquer the sky!

Last summer, I did cut the branch I had been clinging to for too long.

I have always wanted to start my own business, but because of the fear of failure, the fear of judgment, the fear of not being good enough I had always put it off.

Then with the first outbreak of Covid-19, I decided enough was enough, “let me cut the branch and let me start building my online business”, I thought.

And so I did.

I am so glad that I took a shot in the dark.

Now I am pursuing my goal, I am discovering a new way of working while I am doing something that makes me happy and fulfilled.

What’s more, I am building a network of like-minded people that like me are willing to soar high in the sky and not settle down on a branch.

What choice are you going to make?

Will you cut the branch you have been clinging to or will you carry on resting on it?

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4 thoughts on “WE ARE BORN TO “FLY””

  1. I love this blog. For me it highlights the biggest barrier we all face, which prevents us from living life to our full potential. And that barrier is ourselves. We all have a genetically inherited negative mental bias (that little voice in our heads) which tries to stop us from stepping outside our comfort zone. Recognising this and then working on reprogramming our brains should be a primary focus for everyone who wishes to life their best life. Having read your ‘about me’ page Christian, I can see that you have looked down at your branch and taken a chainsaw to it. Congratulations!!!

    1. Paul, you got the point, in order to succeed in anything in life we must work continuously on ourselves by stepping out of our comfort zone and exploring the unknown.
      Only by doing that can we soar high in the sky, like the peregrine falcon, and live life to our full potential.
      Yes, I definitely cut the branch I was clinging on.
      I am hungry to keep growing and evolving.😃

  2. Thank you Chris, for your useful suggestions and insights! I’ll be back to view your future articles and get inspired!

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