chick breaking the shell of the egg that contains the chick


An egg, a miracle of perfection and fragility, is also a powerful metaphor for life.

To understand the journey of our life, we can observe what stages an egg goes through to become a chick.

In an egg, the hard part is on the outside, the shell, and the soft part on the inside - the white and the yolk.

Due to its hardness, the shell prevents the liquid it contains from spilling out before a chick has been able to grow inside.

The egg, properly hatched, will allow its content to develop little by little and eventually a transformation to take place.

The hard part is now inside - the chick's skeleton - and the soft part outside - the flesh and the feathers.

Once the chick acquires its shape, it no longer needs to be protected.

As a matter of fact, the shell becomes not only useless but suffocating too.

When the chick breaks the shell, it is ready to face the external world.


egg with small crack about to hatch

The transition from egg to chick is an interesting metaphor for the transformation that can affect all of us.

The shell represents the structures that help us develop from childhood - the school, family, social and political spheres. 

In the first part of our life, they help us grow and develop in a safe and protected environment.

However, at some point, we all should break free from the shell.

In fact, people who develop their own "psychological spine" and learn to stand alone with their own values ​​no longer need to rely on external structures.

Beliefs - acquired and transmitted by parents, relatives, teachers, and society in general - that helped us survive as children, avoid painful situations, and face reality at different times may now represent blocks for our evolution and growth.

They can be called limiting beliefs.


man imprisoned in his mind depicting concept of limiting beliefs

The process of learning beliefs takes place directly, through verbal or non-verbal language (what we are told but above all shown through behavior), and indirectly (what the people closest to us make us perceive). 

Another way beliefs are formed is through the continuous repetition of a phrase or concept.

A lie repeated a thousand times becomes a truth. 

That's exactly what happens. If you repeat or hear the same thing thousands of times, it will become a truth for you, as long as you decide to believe it.

If you repeat a lie often enough, eventually the public is going to accept it as truth”. - William Kent Krueger

But, as children, we still don't have the discernment to understand certain things, especially if the repetition of such things is done by our parents or figures closest to us, who we see as real Gods at that age.

How many times have you been told that money is the root of all evil, that rich people are dishonest, or to keep your feet on the ground since following your dreams is foolish, or that life is hard and the best thing you can do is to find a permanent job and keep it until much-desired retirement?

Think about it for a moment.

All this creates a huge trap in us, and it is also one of the main reasons why people never discover their full potential. 


man breaking free from his shell

To eliminate your limiting beliefs you need to become aware they exist.

So you need to be ready to question yourself, your whole past, your experiences, and your whole life.

Are you ready?

Remember you were not born with your limiting beliefs and you are not them.

They were passed on to you; they are the filter through which you perceive your reality and based on which you make decisions.

We too, like the chick, have the opportunity to grow to the extent that at a certain point, we find the courage to break our shells.

Many chicks will open their shell, others won’t, and others will be like Calimero, they will open their shell but won’t completely free themselves.


Which chick will you become?


two hands joining depicting concept of giving a helping hand

Greater awareness implies greater responsibility. 

Once you have begun taking a different direction - leading to a better future - and you have sparked the flame of light within you, you’ll have only one task left. 

Helping your fellow human beings to explore the path to awareness, if they want to.

However, I’ve realized that people often do not want to take such a path; you can't help everyone, but only those who want to be helped.

But, how to help others?

Start by sharing the guides and articles that are most meaningful to you with those you know need them.

In any case, I invite you to make everything written in this blog your own. I invite you to make the knowledge I share your own and profit from it.

Be inspired and be inspirational!

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